Supporting our Veterans and Active Duty Servicemembers

We live in Military City USA, as a retired servicemember, Tony has a vested interest in ensuring that the rights and privileges that our retirees and active duty servicemembers have earned are protected.  Protecting the rights of these groups by representing their best interests in any legislation is of the utmost importance.

Controlling Government Spending

Government spending comes from taxes.  Any superfluous spending that our lawmakers vote for has direct impact on your pocketbook.  Your money is yours, you work hard for it, and while abolishing all taxes is highly unlikely, Tony would oppose any increase in spending that would raise taxes.

Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights

Increasing any sort of regulations on gun control is against our Second Amendment Rights.  We have the right to legally obtain and use firearms. There is no feasible reason to legislate any further restrictions on guns, these burdens only impact those who follow the law in the first place.  It is already illegal to use a firearm in the commission of a crime; therefore, logic dictates that the people using guns for these reasons are not going to respect any laws that would keep law abiding citizens from attaining firearms in the first place.  

Personal Freedom

Whether it’s how you prefer to educate your children or your choice of who to love, the government should have no jurisdiction on what you choose providing you cause no harm to anyone else.  Personal freedom is the principle foundation of the Libertarian Party. The government exists to serve us not to direct us towards what they believe is “best for us”.